Data has always been the main key of any company that has an intention to flourish. When Microsoft introduced Power BI it changed the way we dealt with data. The BI in the name refers to Business Analytics. Power BI is a great tool to be learned by data scientists. Power BI Training from PRO IT KEYS will assist you in getting the best out of Power BI, by letting you to solve business issues and enhance operations.

What is Power BI?

Being a business anlaytics service Power BI is available as both cloud-based and desktop solutions. It allows anyone to visualize and evaluate data with excellent speed and efficiency. It also lets the user have the advantage of convenient dashboards, interactive reports and appealing visualizations. There is the presence of natural language querying of data models.

Power BI provides you a single view of your most essential business data. You can supervise the health of your business with the help of a live dashboard, form sophisticated interactive reports with Power BI Desktop, and gain access to your data wherever you travel with native Power BI Mobile apps.

Why is Power BI Important?

There will be the necessity to organize data and visualize it in the form of a chart while using Excel. This generally takes a lot of your time because you have to manually pull all the data from several applications and databases. Here comes the role of Power BI. It gives relief to you by automatically bringing data from all sources in the scope of a single central system. There is a rapid streamlining of data and creation of beautiful charts through Power BI.

You can manage your data and charts from any place, time or device because Power BI is hosted in the cloud. There is also the facility of easy sharing and collaborating on documents with peers in real time.

The key for any business to succeed is to comprehend their business requirements and gain business insights from their great sets of data. For this purpose, they require a BI tool. Power BI is one of the best tools in the Business Intelligence space. It is an economic tool from Microsoft Corporation. It assists companies to carry out end to end BI process. It gives you great control to get comprehensive business insights for your business data in a swift and easy manner. You can conveniently handle multiple sources of data, transform it into a report, graph etc, of your choice with Power BI.

Four Elements of Power BI

Power Pivot and Power Query are for data preparation while Power View and Power Map are for data visualization.

1. Power Pivot

This component has the aim of forming an in-memory data model. It imports and integrated data from several sources for this purpose. Power Pivot has an edge over older Pivot tables in the sense that they have the benefit of far more memory and take care of much greater worksheet sizes compared to the earlier versions of Excel. To know more about Power Pivot and its Data Analysis expressions enroll PRO IT KEYS which provides Best Power BI Training.

2. Power Query

Power Query lets you to perform things including merging data, rename columns, etc., in a meticulous and step-by-step process. This step-by-step process wherein data is cleaned and shaped is savable and hence can be repeated. There is also the advantage of viewing the state of the data before and after every step.

3. Power View

Being a powerful interactive data visualization tool, Power View performs specific things including highlighting and cross-filtering in an amazing manner. Besides charts, table data and graphs Power View also supports maps. You can gain thorough knowledge on Power View by joining PRO IT KEYS.

4. Power Map

Being a 3D data visualization tool Power Map consists of the ability to save scenes and play them in a tour. You can gain excellent insight into Power Map by getting Power BI training from PRO IT KEYS.

Course Objectives

At the completion of the session, the student will be able to:

  • Comprehend how BI will have an impact on data and business
  • Associate Power Pivots with Power BI engine queries
  • Understand about Power BI desktop and controlling and using data with it
  • Create reports and visualizations
  • Utilize DAX to form complex calculations
  • Publish and share their work with other people.


You don’t require any prior knowledge to get Power BI Training in Chennai from SLAInstitute. Even a non IT graduate can enroll for this course. However, fundamental knowledge of data and fundamental SQL knowledge will be an added advantage.

Who can Attend?

  • Any interested graduate to begin career in information technology
  • Database Developers
  • Business Analysts
  • BI Developers
  • Business Development Manager
  • Analytics Professionals
  • ETL Developers
  • Software Developers
  • Managing for the purpose of handling the teams efficiently
  • Seasoned professionals not satisfied with present job profile

POWER BI Course Syllabus

Introduction To Power BI

  1. What is Power BI?
  2. Overview of Power BI
  3. Connecting to software as service

Power BI Desktop Transformations

  1. Introduction To Power BI Desktop
  2. Basic Tranformations
  3. Connecting to files in folder
  4. Handling UnStructured Data

Analysis And Visualizations

  1. Understanding key concepts in business intelligence, data analysis, and data visualization
  2. Importing your data and automatically creating dashboards from Different Data services
  3. Connecting to and importing your data, then shaping and transforming that data
  4. Enriching your data with business calculations

Power BI Desktop Modeling

  1. Modeling And Managing Data Relationships
  2. Creating Calculated Columns
  3. Optimizing The Models
  4. Creating Calculated Measures
  5. Using Calculated Tables
  6. Time Intelligence

Power BI Desktop Visualizations

  1. Introduction To Visualizing Date
  2. Pie And Tree Map
  3. Bar Chart With Line
  4. Slicers
  5. Map And Filled Map
  6. Table And Matrix
  7. Scatter Chart
  8. Waterfall
  9. Guage And Card
  10. Shapes, Textboxes And Images
  11. Duplicate Page


  1. Options in Formatting your Visualization
  2. Working with Labels and Annotations
  3. Effective Use of Titles and Captions
  4. Introduction to Visual Best Practices

Authoring And Visualizing

  1. Visualizing your data and authoring reports
  2. Scheduling automated refresh of your reports
  3. Creating dashboards based on reports and natural language queries
  4. Sharing dashboards across your organization
  5. Consuming dashboards in mobile apps

Power BI Service

  1. Introduction To Power BI Service
  2. Uploading Report To Power BI Service
  3. Configuring Dashboard
  4. Natural Language Queries (Q&A)
  5. Featured Questions
  6. Sharing A Dashboard
  7. Re-Upload Modified File
  8. Personal Gateway

Working With Excel

  1. Connection And Collaborating With Excel
  2. Importing Sample Data
  3. Excel Workbook With Excel Data Model

Custom Visuals And Collaboration

  1. Leveraging your Excel reports within Power BI
  2. Creating custom visualizations that you can use in dashboards and reports
  3. Collaborating within groups to author reports and dashboards
  4. Sharing dashboards effectively based on your organization’s needs

Organization Packs, Security and Groups

  1. Creating Workspace And Groups
  2. Creating A Content Pack
  3. Using Contenct Pack
  4. Editing Content Pack
  5. Direct Connectivity To SQL Azure And SQL Server Analysis Services

Further Assistance

  1. The Help File / Manual
  2. Knowledge base
  3. Forums
  4. Whitepapers & Books
  5. Technical Support
I have Learned the POWER BI from PRO IT KEYS . To be very true it is best online training organization. Where the the trainer is not only professional they were the leaders.
Kiran Kumar