Course content

  • Introduction of ServiceNow
  • What is ServiceNow?
  • Why and who can use ServiceNow
  • History of ServiceNow
  • ServiceNow Features
  • ServiceNow Objectives
  • ServiceNow Lifecycle
  • Architecture of ServiceNow
  • ServiceNow Market Trends
  • Prerequisites for ServiceNow
  • Concept of cloud computing in ServiceNow
  • Introduction to ITIL foundation
  • Agile Methodology
  • Navigation and users
  • Helpful portals, releases
  • ServiceNow User Interface
  • Forms and Lists
  • Plugins
  • User Administration
  • Configure User Accounts
  • Creation of groups
  • Assign roles to users and assign them to groups
  • Licensing
  • Creation of tables and forms
  • Create new tables, applications and modules
  • Creation of import sets, transform maps
  • Introduction to knowledge base
  • Create catalog items, order guides and record producers
  • Workflow Administration, SLAs and Reports
  • Perform workflow activities and administration
  • Record Producer
  • Order Guide
  • Create and apply SLAs
  • Create and modify Reports
  • Create and modify UI Policies
  • Client Scripts
  • Business Rules
  • Script Includes
  • UI Actions
  • Create events and configure email notifications
  • Set up Access Control Rules
  • Introduction to system upgrades
  • View upgrade history and status
  • Create and apply update sets
  • Retrieve and apply update sets
  • Best practices
  • Homepage administration
  • System Administration Best Practices
  • SLA Definitions
  • SLA Properties
  • Attach SLA to tasks
  • Introduction to scheduled jobs
  • Scheduled Job log
  • Scheduled reports
  • Create Read, Write and Create ACL on table and field level
  • Debug ACLS
  • Write ACL Scripts
  • Concept of privileged system admin
  • Creating site, page
  • Dynamic contentblock
  • Define Header, theme, style sheet
  • Creating UI page, UI macros

Mode of Training


Total duration of the course

5 to 7 weeks

Training duration per day

50 mins - 90 mins

Communication Mode

Go to meeting, WEB-EX

Software access:

Software will be installed/Server access will be provided, whichever is possible


Soft copy of the material will be provided during the training.


Both weekdays and weekends

Training Fee